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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help children better express their wants, needs, and opinions, as well as understand both verbal and nonverbal language. This can lead to a decrease in a child’s frustration or emotional difficulties that often come along with a delay in speech or language.

Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy Tampa
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Speech Therapy

Communication is one of life’s most fundamental life skills. It’s how we express ourselves and understand the world around us.

Raising a child to become a clear and confident communicator can help them express their thoughts and feelings, be understood by others, and do well in school. It also helps to their emotional and social well-being.

Our speech therapists at Children And Parents work to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech social cognitive and swallowing disorders in children 0–21 years of age.

Children And Parents

How Work Speech Therapy

After an initial evaluation, our speech therapists at Children And Parents, will diagnose your child's challenges and set goals that will help them grow their speech and language abilities.

Speech therapy may help children reach functional communication goals, such as expanding their vocabulary, sentence structure, comprehension abilities, social communication skills, and other important goals that can affect their daily life.

How Work Speech Therapy

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We work hard every day to provide the highest-quality services and deliver the outcomes parents hope for. Working with you to achieve the best quality of life for your child and family is our driving mission.

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