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Diagnostic Evaluation

Our professional staff combines the expertise of psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and educational specialists to comprehensively evaluate and diagnose a wide range of developmental disorders.

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Diagnostic Evaluation

Educational Psychological Assessments
Children And Parents

Educational Psychological Assessments

An educational psychological assessment is required to determine a child’s needs for additional resources in school. Psycho-Educational evaluation may be required if your child is struggling to keep up.

Various processing skills are also evaluated depending on areas of concern and reason for referral. Often recommended when the source of a student’s academic difficulty is unknown, it is sufficient to identify a wide range of common learning disturbances.

Children And Parents

Autism Evaluations

Autism spectrum disorder can look very different in different children, and this can make it hard to diagnose. That's why the evaluation includes a set of tests in which the clinician watches how the child plays, behaves, and communicates. The results of these tests can also be hard to interpret.

These evaluations are conducted through the use of specialized instruments designed to thoroughly investigate symptoms and behaviors characteristic of ASD, in conjunction with evaluations of intellectual functioning and adaptive skills by our multidisciplinary team.

Autism Evaluations

The best opportunities for your child

We work hard every day to provide the highest-quality services and deliver the outcomes parents hope for. Working with you to achieve the best quality of life for your child and family is our driving mission.

For Parents

Diagnostic Evaluation

When you suspect that you might have mental health symptoms, you may consider undergoing a mental health evaluation. Our team offers diagnostic evaluations to help determine the cause of your symptoms and get you the proper treatments for better mental health and focus.

Why Choose Us?

When you come in for a diagnostic evaluation at Children and Parents, review your medical and mental health history, discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, and concerns. We provide a safe and welcoming environment, where you’re able to ask any questions about your mental health.

Our diagnostic evaluation offer several benefits that may help you or a loved one with a mental health issue. Children and Parents supports you through your mental health care journey, from the initial consultation through the treatments you need.

How it Works?

Once your counselor gathers the necessary information, our team determines the most appropriate approach to treating your symptoms, including medications, psychotherapy, or other treatments, and we'll make recommendations to help you overcome mental health challenges and find a better quality of life.

At Children and Parents, we use evidence-based psychological testing and other assessment tools to determine the cause of your symptoms. Diagnoses can include depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addiction.

Private Psychotherapy Services

Your privacy is important to us. We provide private and confidential mental health care services, protecting your records in accordance with all healthcare information privacy laws.

Our Amenities

Our mental health programs include the support you need, along with the activities and amenities that you enjoy, all in one place. All of this is part of an effective plan that will help you recover and live a full life.


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Children And Parents provides a range of affordable counseling and psychotherapy services to support our clients who are experiencing challenges in their relationships, work lives, and social environments.

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