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School Services

Our highly qualified service providers consistently deliver positive outcomes for the children they serve, collaborating with school administrators to schedule services, document, and measure progress and outcomes. We also assess health improvement across the student population.

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

School Services

Diagnostic Evaluation

School Services
Children And Parents

School Services

Our pediatric team of therapists, teachers, nurses, and mental health professionals are highly qualified and experienced in their fields. More than that, they are passionate about helping children reach their goals and delivering positive outcomes for the students they serve.

Our clinical director focuses on keeping our school-based service delivery model compliant with the latest special education initiatives. At Children and Parents, we provide customizable therapy and education services that make a difference in the future of children.

Children And Parents

Partnering With Us

We are committed to providing excellence in service delivery with a well-supported team dedicated to meeting the needs of our school district partners, ever delivering excelled educational and therapeutic services.

Our educational service delivery model focuses on academic success for our students based on IEP/504 goals.

Partnering With Us

The best opportunities for your child

We work hard every day to provide the highest-quality services and deliver the outcomes parents hope for. Working with you to achieve the best quality of life for your child and family is our driving mission.

Our Amenities

Our mental health programs include the support you need, along with the activities and amenities that you enjoy, all in one place. All of this is part of an effective plan that will help you recover and live a full life.


Transfers to and from our center

Unisex Beauty Salon

So you look good and feel good

Coffee Shop

Socialize and enjoy refreshments

Recreational Activities

Celebrations, games, & much more
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Children And Parents provides a range of affordable counseling and psychotherapy services to support our clients who are experiencing challenges in their relationships, work lives, and social environments.

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